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Zodiac Pen Models



My flagship model, the Gemini, is a flush cap and body, that is a well balanced pen.  Both the cap and body taper reducing weight and adding movement to the pen.  Towards the ends the taper becomes a rolling taper to flat ends.  The section is pinched making it very comfortable when writing.  

OAL 5 5/8" capped 5 1/2" uncapped

14mm cap threads 15.5mm flush cap/body

pinched grip section to 10.8mm



A slightly larger version of the Gemini, using the same tapers.  Capricorn is a little thicker and slightly longer for those desiring a larger pen. 

OAL 6" capped 5 7/8"" uncapped

14mm cap threads 16mm cap 15.5mm body

tapered section



Virgo is the smallest pen in my line, designed for those with smaller hands or those preferring a compact transportable pen. Virgo has the shape and tapers of the Gemini, however the cap isn't flush allowing the body to be thinner.  

OAL 5 3/8" capped  5 1/4" uncapped

14mm cap threads  14.5mm body diameter  

section is pinched to 10.8mm

Coming Soon


Leo is a new product line using the Lion as inspiration.  Please check back soon to see this new design!



Sagittarius is the hunter, that was the inspiration for this model.  Pen is slim and sleek like an arrow.  This model is not a flush model.  The step up on the cap to a tapered end is designed to mimic an arrowhead, emphasized by beveled and pointed finial. The body has a slight linear taper to the beveled and pointed finials. 

OAL 5 7/8" capped 5 1/2" uncapped

14mm cap threads 15mm body

pinched grip section to 11mm



The "chunky" pen in my line using the Bull shape as inspiration. Taurus features a straight cap and a slightly tapered body. A compact but bold pen. 

OAL 5 1/2" capped 5 3/8" uncapped

14mm threads  15.5mm body

pinched grip section to 11mm



Aries is a new product line.  This new design features a 15mm straight body, stubby taper to a flat final.  The 15.5mm cap tapers to a flat final.  The shorter length and straight body give an illusion of a chunky pen without the weight of a chunky pen. 

OAL 5 3/8' capped 5 1/4' uncapped

14mm cap threads 15mm body

pinched grip section to 11mm

Coming Soon


New product line using the Scorpion as inspiration!  Please check back soon to see this new design!

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